An art advisor for almost forty years, Wolfgang Roth advised TheArtFund, the only publicly traded art investment fund, which demonstrates the value of art as currency. Roth is an internationally recognized expert on art collecting, the global art market and investing in Fine Art.

Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art assists clients in building and maintaining valuable art collections. We are experts in drawing liquidity from Fine Art assets and know how to source, value and sell our clients’ collections.

Our global position provides our clients with expanded market intelligence and access to the freshest offers. We work actively in the market and have access to primary and secondary market works of art. We offer sound advice based upon years of knowledge of the global art market and top valued artists. We consider each client’s personal goals and interests in collecting and are well positioned to represent them in every purchase.

We work with major lending institutions to provide financing to collectors with internationally marketable art, as well as with world class storage and art insurance companies.

We can assist you in building the collection you desire.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.