Wolfgang Roth

An international art dealer since 1975. Wolfgang Roth’s expertise encompasses German expressionism, classic, modern and contemporary art. Known for his collaborations in Berlin, Zurich, Los Angeles and London with reputable dealers and auction houses, Wolfgang Roth concentrates on all genre of art for today’s market. He served on the board at Sothebys.com during their decision to offer online art auctions.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge of the purchase and sale of art, and with a reputation for identifying and nurturing talent, Wolfgang has been advising clients from Europe, the U.S. and in Asia about art and the art market. He was the founder of the only publicly traded investment fund for the art world (www.theartfund.li) and served the fund on issues related to art purchases and trade. An avid collector, he surrounds himself with a diverse collection of fine art in various mediums and genres which include renowned and emerging artists including David LaChapelle, Andy Warhol, German expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kircher, Juian Schnabel, Helmut Newton, Peter Beard, and sculptures from Georg Dokoupil.

A large part of his success to date can be attributed to the relationships that he has garnered and nurtured throughout many years of close involvement with private foundations, vast collections and individual collectors and auction houses. This worldwide network of support gives Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art a solid foundation and a leading edge in the area of Art Advisory and Collection Management.


Reiner Opoku

As an international curator and contemporary art dealer, Reiner Opoku has been a leading figure on the global art market since 1983. He has managed some of this era’s premiere avantgarde artists such as Georg Dokoupil and Martin Kippenberger and has worked on projects with Julian Schnabel and Sigmar Polke. Through his role as artist manager, he has successfully established a broad network of contacts which has bolstered his capacity as both curator and developer.

The projects to which he has contributed include the establishment of The Asian sales network of Benedikt Taschen’s publishing house as well as the founding of KUNSTHAUS, Europe’s first art department store.

As curator, Reiner has delivered numerous exhibitions of principal artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Josef Beuys as far afield as Tokyo, Prague, Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg. He was recently the curator of the prestigious St. Moritz Art Masters (SAM).

Opoku’s reputation, acquaintances and extensive industry knowledge give Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art a platform for confident dealing and a clear view of the marketplace.