Kimberly Blake-Roth


Kimberly Blake-Roth is passionate about education and learning. She has advanced degrees in Linguistics and Educational Policy and Planning and has worked internationally as a Management Consultant to Higher Education in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Kimberly is actively involved in community outreach in the arts and works closely with local educational partners and art institutions such as the Adrian Arsht Center, The Miami Children’s Museum and the New World Symphony.

Kimberly works extensively with the artists represented by Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art in the planning and marketing of exhibitions and related events. Most recently, Kimberly has been managing our efforts related to new web projects and services.


Murdock MacKenzie

Marketing Director

Murdock MacKenzie serves as the Director of Marketing and Sales for WRP Fine Art and is actively involved in developing new projects for the organization. He is currently focused on Production and Development for our new venture, which is producing original, short-content film devoted to the arts.

Murdock studied at The University of San Francisco before living and working abroad in Europe, Mexico and South America.A lifelong Art and Design aficionado, he was a founding member of a Miami Design Studio before coming to Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art.

Murdock is an active community member who brings a charismatic enthusiasm to all endeavors.

Julio Munoz is the newest member of the WRP Fine Art Team and serves as the company’s Web Developer.
He comes from a background in the US Navy and has extensive experience in Computer Engineering. He is currently developing websites for both WRP and a new research and educational tool the company is developing.